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Aesthetic Development of School Campus

Aesthetic Development of School Campus


Aesthetic development stands for the philosophical study of beauty and appreciation of art. Aesthetic development of the school campus means the beautification of the campus of the school.

The physical environment of the students has a great impact on students learning. It can make them calm and feel secure and safe place for learning.

School environment can also enthuse and motivate pupils to be ready for learning. Beautiful and attractive environment of students allows them to concentrate more on their learning.

How is aesthetic development of school campus done?

Aesthetic development of school campus can be done in following ways:

  • The very first thing in beautification or aesthetic development of school campus is through cleanliness of school campus. School grounds, classrooms, library, laboratories, toilets, etc. should be clean and hygienic.
  • Attractive dustbin should be placed wherever required; it would encourage students to throw garbage in the dustbin.
  • Trees should be planted near the pathway inside the school and mini-gardens should be made near every teaching block.
  • Painting illustrating activities that helps in student learning should be made in the walls specially of primary wings.
  • White wash or paints in wall should be done at least once or twice annually.
  • Garden should also made near the main office building.
  • School name can be written by cutting of some shrubs, it is eye-catching to students as well as visitors.
  • Library should be rich in variety of books including academic books as well as fictional and non-fictional books.
  • Playground and courts of different sports should be made with proper equipment and painted properly.
  • An assembly hall or hall for purpose of school functions should be there in the school campus.
  • Small pots should be kept near the corridor of classes and in the office building.
  • Grasses of grounds should be regularly trimmed and irrigation should be done regularly.

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