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National Integration: Meaning | Causes and Need

National Integration: Meaning | Causes and Need 

Meaning of National integration

National Integration means bringing about the prevailing economic, social and cultural differences among people within a tolerable stage. It is a dynamic reality. lt is concerned with the development of nationalism. It is the feeling of oneness that binds the people of diversified cultures of a nation together. It implies doing away with interests and prejudices based on linguistic and cultural diversity. It is concerned with creating and strengthening among people of patriotism and national pride. It is unity in I diversity and a combination of economic, social, political, cultural and emotional integration According to the Emotional Integration Committee Report (1962), the attributes of national emotional integration are as follows:

  1. A strong feeling of brotherhood and nationhood that sinks and ignores individuals parochial linguistic and religious differences.
  2. The common mental bond that binds all people irrespective of their differences towards the aesthetic, spiritual and material progress.
  3. Creation of a feeling of oneness and mental outlook towards the welfare of the country above narrow sectarian interests.
  4. A harmonious blending of personal emotion in an individual with his social obligation resulting in a well-balanced personality.
  5. A feeling of harmony and the welding of diverse elements of society into a very compact and homogenous unit.
  6. A firm conviction on the part of each individual that he is an integral component of the whole social unit for the healthy development of self and community.

Causes of National Disintegration

  1. Communalism and local, regional, linguistic, caste, communal and state loyalties.
  2. Inequality in social and economic spheres.
  3. Favoritism and corruption.
  4. Unemployment problems.
  5. Prejudice and fanaticism.

Need of National Integration

National integration is crucial to the creation of a strong, united country, which is an essential precondition for all progress. It has a varied content such as economic, social, cultural and political. Its different facets are closely interconnected. It needs:

  1. Confidence in the nation’s future;
  2. A continuous rise in the standard of living for the masses and the reduction in unemployment and in the disparities in development between different parts of the country, all of which are essential to promote a sense of equality of opportunity in political, economic and social terms;
  3. A deep sense of the values and obligations of citizenship and a growing identification of the people, not with sectional loyalties but with the ‘nation’ as a whole;
  4. Assurance of good and impartial administration, equal treatment for even citizen, in fact and not merely in law, based on the integrity of the public services.
  5. Mutual understanding of and respect for the culture, traditions and ways of life of different sections of the nation. To make this social and psychological revolution possible, it is necessary to deal with the short term problems facing the country in this field, particularly in regard to growing & dangerous symptom of social disintegration.

These express themselves as the widening gulf-between the rich and the poor, the privileged and the unprivileged, the urban and the rural, the educated and the uneducated. They are reflected in the general weakening of the feeling of national solidarity under the increasing impact of local, regional, linguistic, religious and other sectional or parochial loyalties. Effective steps must be taken to bridge these dangerous gulfs and strengthen national consciousness and unity.

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