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School Assembly

School Assembly

The term ‘assembly’ refers to the gathering of large groups for a particular purpose. Students and teachers are gathered together for some purpose. School assembly could be of two types: one is the morning assembly and another, a general assembly

Conduction of Morning School Assembly

Morning assembly is conducted daily as a part of school routine. Daily the day is started after conducting morning assembly. It can be successfully organized by following some points mentioned below:

  • After the bell is rung, teachers take their respective classes for assembly.
  • Students move to the assembly ground in discipline by forming line.
  • Generally class monitor takes the responsibility of maintaining discipline while moving to the ground.
  • In the assembly ground all the classes assemble class-wise and section wise.
  • In each line students are assembled in ascending order of their height i.e. short heighted student stand at the front and taller students at the back.
  • Every class gets a chance to conduct the assembly for a week, where the students of that particular class get a chance to conduct prayer, news, pledge, sometimes short skit, etc.
  • Class whose turn comes for conducting assembly they choose their candidate daily for different activities of assembly daily.
  • Uniform check-up is also done at this time. Any announcement or notice is made during this time.
  • After the assembly is over, student moves back to their respective classes.

Conduction of General Assembly in School

This type of assembly is conducted for announcing some important notice. Sometimes competitions are held by calling such assembly. It can be organized in following steps:

  • For gathering in such assemblies a prior notice is sent to every class.
  • Students’ make a line and comes to the assembly ground or hall with their respective teachers.
  • This assembly is generally kept during recess time or before closing time of school.
  • This type of assembly is generally called for some urgent announcement.
  • Announcement of competition, holiday declaration or sometimes prize distribution is also done during this type of assembly.
  • This type of assembly is generally of short duration but sometimes in case of prize distribution it may take longer time.
  • After the assembly, students and teachers move back to their respective classes.

Importance of School Assembly

School assembly conduction has various merits some of them are:

  • Announcement is made during assembly.
  • To convey a message to a large group or whole school is easier by gathering them at a place and announcing the notice.
  • Regular morning assembly inculcates good habit in the students.
  • Health and hygiene including checkup of uniform is also done during the assembly.
  • Student of every class get a chance to conduct morning assembly which develops the skill of public speaking in students.
  • Student learns discipline through assembly.
  • Students are updated with current happenings around the world.
  • Students learn a habit of starting their day by remembering god through morning prayer.
  • Chanting National anthem develops a feeling of expressing gratitude towards nation and feeling of unity.

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