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Furniture Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

The term ‘furniture cleaning’ stands for the removal of any dirt, dust particles regularly and polishing of furniture when required. It is more important when it comes to the cleaning of furniture at school.

Importance of Furniture Cleaning at School

Cleaning of furniture has following importance:

  • Cleaning furniture removes any dirt and dust particles from the furniture.
  • Clean furniture looks more attractive than a dirty one.
  • It helps in students’ concentration as dirty furniture may distract students mind from learning.
  • Dirty furniture might cause allergy therefore furniture should be regularly cleaned.
  • Cleaning of furniture also reduces the chances of various diseases.
  • It inculcates the habit of cleanliness among students.
  • It helps in aesthetic development of students.
  • Furniture cleaning reduces the spreads of various germs, bacteria and viruses.
  • In a scenario like today, furniture cleaning has become more important as dirty furniture might carry deadly virus like corona virus.
  • It creates a better learning environment for students and better teaching environment for teachers.
  • Teacher can focus on students more when the classroom is neat and tidy.

Measures to keep furniture clean

Furniture could be cleaned by following regular routine of cleaning and following measures enlisted below:

  • Dusting should be done daily so that no dirt is left behind. Dusting of both furniture and wall should be done.
  • Disinfection of classroom furniture regularly might help in killing various disease causing germs, bacteria and viruses.
  • Placing a dustbin inside the classroom could help in making the class and furniture clean.
  • A door mat should be placed outside the classroom so that student doesn’t carry mud from outside through their shoes.
  • Primer should be applied on metal benches to avoid rusting of bench.
  • Proper painting of furniture should be done at certain period of time.
  • Old and damaged furniture should be replaced by new ones.
  • Students should be taught to practice good hygiene.

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