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Mathematics: Definition Nature & Meaning

Mathematics: Definition Nature & Meaning

Mathematics is a very important subject of curriculum. Mathematics has various definitions, for some it is merely calculation, some define it as science of space and numbers and some as science of measurement, magnitude and direction.

Mathematics should be visualized as the vehicle to train a child to think, reason, analyse and articulate logically. Apart from being a specific subject, it should be treated as a concomitant to any subject involving analysis and meaning”

Definitions of Mathematics

According to Marshel H Stone- “Mathematics is the study of abstract system built on abstract elements. These elements are not described in concrete form.”

According to Bertrand Russell “Mathematics is defined as the subjects in which we neither know what we are talking about nor whether what we are saying is true.”

According to Galileo- “Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe.”

Nature of Mathematics

  • Mathematics has its own language which consists of mathematical terms, mathematical concepts, formulae, principle, theories, and signs etc.
  • Mathematics involves conversion of abstract concepts into concrete form.
  • Mathematics is the science of space and numbers.
  • Mathematics is the science of calculations.
  • Mathematics is a systematized, organized and exact branch of science.
  • Mathematics does not leave any doubt in the mind of learner about theories, principles, concepts etc.
  • Mathematics helps to develop the habit of self-confidence and self-reliance in children.
  • Mathematics helps in developing scientific attitude in students.
  • It deals with quantitative facts and relationships.
  • Mathematics is an inductive and experimental science.
  • Mathematical knowledge is applied in the study of science and its different branches.
  • It develops the ability of induction, deduction and generalization. It draws numerical inferences on the basis of given information and data.
  • Mathematical knowledge is exact, systematic, logical and clear so that once it is acquired it can never be forgotten.
  • The study of mathematics gives the training of scientific methods to the students.

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