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School Time Table- Need, Importance, Types & Principles

School Time Table- Need, Importance, Types & Principles 

Meaning & Definition of School Time-Table

School time-table is a plan or the chart in a school showing the daily allotment of time among several subjects, activities and classes. It is a mirror that reflects entire educational programme followed in the school. It determines how the time and other facilities of the school will be allocated among different user to secure the objectives of education.

According to H. S. Stead,

“It is the time table that supplies the framework within which the work of the school proceeds. It is the instrument through which the purpose of the school is to function”.

According to Mohiyuddin,

“A time-table is said to be the second clock. It shows the hours during which school work is done, what work is to be done during each period of the school day and in each period of the school day and in each classroom in which work is to be done and the teacher to be the  incharge of that work”.

According to Dr. Jaswant Singh,

“The schedule is the spark plug of the school which sets into motion its various activities and programmes”.

Types of Time-Table

  1. Class Time-Table-

    Every class has its own time-table indicating the distribution of subjects with teachers and assignment of classrooms for each period.

  2. Consolidated or Master Time-Table-

    It gives a complete picture of the entire programme of the school per day. It indicates the details of work of individual teachers. It is sum total of all the class time tables in a concise form and also a record of every teachers daily work.

  3. Teacher’s Time-Table-

    Every teacher has a copy of his own programme of work showing details of his academic and non-academic work.

  4. Vacant Period Time-Table-

    A special time-table is used to show the vacant periods of all the teachers. It is helpful in allotting substitution work when any teacher is on leave. It shows the free period of the teachers. These teachers may be requested to keep the vacant class occupied when needed.

  5. Games Time-Table-

    It shows which particular group or class is engaged in a particular time, game at a particular time, the games being played and the playground being utilized.

  6. Co-curricular Activities Time-Table-

    It is prepared at the beginning of each session showing different types of activities to be held in the school, the names of teacher in charge of those activities, place and time where and when these activities will held.

  7. Home Work Time-Table-

    For even distribution of the amount of home-work to be given to the students, the class teacher prepares a programme in consultation with subject teachers.

Principles of Time-Table

  1. Flexibility-

    The time-table should be flexible enough to suit the changing needs and requirements of the pupils, environment, season, other internal school circumstances and latest trends of education.

  2. Some period for recreation-

    There should be periods for recreation like play and games, physical exercises, arts and crafts, and other activities intervening between periods of serious study.

  3. Amount of time available-

    Timetable should be framed keeping in view available time, that is the length of the school year and total number of holidays.

  4. Principle of Justice-

    A good time-table gives responsibility to teachers of suitable subjects. The teacher should have the qualification for such subjects. They should not teach in more than two departments. The teaching load should be equal.

  5. Continually Revised-

    Time-table should never be accepted as a fact for all time. It should be examined critically in the light of the particular factors operating in the school.

  6. Suitable duration of period-

    Duration of period should suit the age of the pupils. A period of class should vary in summers and winters for primary and secondary students.

  7. Sufficient place for activities-

    Activities must find an honourable place in the time-table.

  8. Variety-

    Change of work is suitable for both students and teachers. Same subject should not be stretched for too long or type of subjects that will cause fatigue power. Easy and difficult lessons should be kept at alternate position.

  9. Free period for teachers-

    A good time-table should provide free periods for teachers so as to increase their efficiency and also to provide time for their correction work.

Need of Time-Table

  • School time-table is necessary tool for its efficient working.
  • Its primary objective is to provide time for suitable and varied learning experiences for all the children.
  • Proper time-table prevents waste of time and energy by directing the teachers’ attention to one thing at a time and saving them from degression, confusion and unnecessary repetition.
  • It gives each subject and activity the place, attention and emphasis that it deserves.
  • It is needed for providing most effective use of the time at the disposal of the school.
  • The time table helps headmaster in carrying out the work of the school effectively.

Importance of Time-Table

  • It ensures orderly work. It assigns proper persons for particular classes during appropriate periods in a proper manner.
  • It is very important element in the internal economy of the school, it indispensable from the pupils’, teachers’, and principal’s point of view. Therefore called as ‘second school clock’.
  • It ensures proper distribution of work among teaches.
  • It indicates habit of orderliness, steadiness, regularity and alertness among pupils and teachers.
  • It saves the time and energy of teachers and pupils by preventing duplication and overlapping.
  • It gives each subject and activity the place, attention and emphasis that it deserves.
  • It ensures the most effective use of the time at the disposal of the school.
  • It helps to maintain discipline and order.

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