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Introductory Questions for Class 9th science (Physical Science)

Introductory Questions for Class 9th science (Physical Science)

In this post we are providing pdf of the Introductory questions of all chapters of Physical Science specially for B.Ed candidates as making introductory questions are really a tough job for students. These questions are made from NCERT book of Class 9th CBSE Board. The chapters and topics from which introductory questions are made are given below :

Pdf of introductory questions can be downloaded by the links provided below:

Chapter 1: Matter in our surrounding

  • Topic 1- States of matter
  • Topic 2- Evaporation

Chapter 2: Is matter around us pure

  • Topic 1- Mixture
  • Topic 2- Solution
  • Topic 3- Colloidal solution
  • Topic 4- Elements

Chapter 3: Atoms and Molecules

  • Topic 1- Atoms
  • Topic 2- Molecules

Chapter 4: Structure of atom

  • Topic 1- Thomson’s model of atom
  • Topic 2- Rutherford’s model of atom

Chapter 8: Motion

  • Topic 1- Uniform circular motion

Chapter 9: Force and laws of motion

  • Topic 1- First law of motion
  • Topic 2- Conservation of momentum

Chapter 10: Gravitation

  • Topic 1- Gravitation
  • Topic 2- Mass and weight
  • Topic 3- Archimedes’ Principle

Chapter 11: Work and Energy

  • Topic 1- Kinetic Energy
  • Topic 2- Potential Energy

Chapter 12: Sound

  • Topic 1- Sound
  • Topic 2- Human Ear

To download this in pdf Click here

For any suggestion or query  please feel free to write down in the comment section.

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