Contemporary Indian Society and Education | Major Issues

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Contemporary Indian Society and Education | Major Issues

Contemporary Indian Society and Education

In the ancient times, India was at the top in education and knowledge. This was the country in which students used to come from all over the world to acquire knowledge and education. No country of the world to acquire knowledge and learning started with the invaders. Muslim invaders came to the country to foot it and tried to destroy the culture and knowledge of the country. After them, came the British rulers, who left our country in shambles. We inherited various evils like poverty, corruption, injustice, unemployment and many other problems which are now posing a challenge for our education system. Now we can visualize in our society that the level of social, moral, culture, values and ideals are going downwards. We are acquiring western culture and social values which are totally different from ours. We believe in spiritual education and they believe in physical or worldly education. The main aim of our education is all round development of a child. Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi once said, “By education I mean all round drawing out of the best in child and man body, mind and spirit.” Our national poet, great philosopher and follower of naturalistic approach of education, Tagore, wrote that, “the highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence, in child and man body, mind and spirit.” Our national poet, great philosopher and follower of naturalistic approach of education, Tagore, wrote that, “the highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.”

  1. The main problems of contemporary Indian education are dissatisfaction of youth, unemployment and discipline. Teachers are unable to satisfy the youth by their knowledge and methods of teaching. As such, the youth stands against the teachers and system. Discipline in schools and colleges are very poor. The reason for that are our so called leaders and social contractors, who instigates the youth time to time for their own benefits. Some of our educators think that the problem of unemployment is a major issue for our education system. The unemployed of our youth give the birth to a revolt.
  2. Today our education guides students to get good marks not to get knowledge. The main emphasis of our teachers is on the marks or completing subject on which state and central government both can make rules and regulations. In some matters, state government says that it is the /work of central government and central government says it is the work of state government and between these two authorities our education suffers.
  3. Poverty is the next challenge which our education system is facing, Now a days, the cost of education is very high so poor of our society find themselves lost in getting education. Casteism creates a wall between lower class and upper class. Fee of colleges and schools is rising day by day, with public schools raising their fee structure in every session, but the wages of laborer is not increasing at the same speed. So, the poor people find themselves unable in admitting their children in those schools. Our corruption which has become institutionalized in our whole system is also one great factor. Privatization of education is another issue. Some learned people say that government officials take higher salaries but not work according to that. But, in private institutes, teachers remain in very critical condition which is not good for the education system.
  4. Subsequent concern is the unawareness of our teachers about the methods and techniques of teaching. Teaching is the profession in which teachers need to polish their knowledge day by day and daily updating of methods and techniques must be compulsory, but our teachers are so complacent that the don’t want to change themselves. Our teacher’s character is going downwards. A teacher is the center point of any education system. He is the only person, who can change the direction of the society. This influences much our society than any other part of the society. This effects much our education.
  5. Today, most of the Students do not want to go to study, they try to get good marks by unfair means. Teachers do not want to teach and they pay their total attention to coaching classes. Private college owners sell the degrees and marks on high rates or bids. This happened due to the mentality of college owners because most of the college owners came in this field from the business families or people who had some surplus land and money to invest. They came in this sector due to high profit and not to serve the society or country, such people treat school, as a factory, principals as a managers and teachers as workers.

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