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Difference between Educational Sociology and Sociology of Education

Difference between Educational Sociology and Sociology of Education

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Educational Sociology and Sociology of Education are two branches of study that are sometimes understood as one and the same branch, but they are actually not so. They indeed show some differences between them when it comes to the subjects of their study and the nature of the branches of study.

Educational Sociology

Educational Sociology is nothing but the application of the sociological principles to the process of education. These findings of sociological researches are applied to the planning of educational programmes and activities. The sociological researches provide the guidelines for education.

Sociology of Education 

Sociology of education may be defined as the scientific analyses of the social process and social patterns involved in the Educational system. In 1928 Angell R.C. expressed the view that Educational Sociology is merely a branch of pure science of Sociology. He preferred to call the area of the discipline developing on the basis of the researches in school situation as the Sociology of Education.

Following are the main differences

  • Educational sociology is that science which merely attempts to apply the innovated principles of sociology to the field of education. It is branch of applied sociology. Whereas sociology of education is not applied branch, it is field of specialization. It rather attempts to develop necessary principles and laws regarding education as a social system and its internal relationships within itself, as well as its external relationships with other institutions of society. It is concerned with both, the construction of a theory and its application. Educational sociology doesn’t apply any principles evolved somewhere in the field of sociology of education.
  • The sociology of education is the study of how public institutions and individual experiences affect education and its outcomes. The study of the development of public schooling systems and its impact on modern industrial societies forms the subject matter of the branch of study of sociology of education. Topics, such as higher education, further education, adult education and continuing education can be included in the branch of study of sociology of education.

           On the other hand, educational sociology is the branch of study that deals with the various methods providing better education to society through an in depth research of our culture and society. Educational sociology is a subject that has to take both, the sociologists and the educationists into consideration, this makes the subject an invaluable asset to all the students and researchers of social sciences, particularly sociology and education. It is a general belief more from the branch of educational sociology.

         In the sociology of education, education has been viewed as a basically optimistic human effort characterized by aspirations for improvement and betterment. Education is thus a fundamental endeavour of every individual. It is interesting to note that the experts of the sociology of education opine that education is looked upon as an endeavour by which children can develop according to their needs. The potential in the children plays a great part in the role of education.

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