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Ways and Means of Promoting National Integration through Education

Ways and Means of Promoting National Integration through Education

Ways & Means of Promoting National Integration:

The following measures may be adopted to gear education for national integration-

  1. Plea for a National System of Education-

    If education is to justify its role in establishing integration in the country, we must have a national system of education. At present, unfortunate the pattern of education varies from state to state. Now that education is a concurrent subject, the responsibility of the centre cannot be undermined.

  2. Curriculum and National Integration-

    The destiny of India is being shared in her class-room. The major part of education today flows from the various curricular subjects being taught in the school. The teaching of these subjects is examination oriented. There is a need to reinterpret the contents of various curricular subjects in the light of the larger interests of the nation. The following subjects, if taught as suggests will prove helpful In increasing national unity, national integration and national solidarity-

  • Plea for learning Different Languages- Much of our educational efforts should be directed towards evolving an appropriate language policy. The most important features in such a situation are, of course, the need for learning languages.
  • Reorienting Instruction in Social Science- The vital need of the day is to create a new orientation in providing instruction in important social sciences, like history, geography, social studies, civics etc.
  • Teaching of Indian History- History should be taught to develop a deep historical understanding in the students. History should reveal India’s unity in diversity- diversity of regions, languages, racial characteristics, customs, etc.
  • Study of Geography- Students after studying the Geography of India, may be made to realize the variety of the peoples that inhabit it, their ways of life, their food habits, and the inter dependence of various regions.
  • Study of Civics- Civics should be taught with a view to creating desirable attitudes for national unity and emotion integration. The ideal of citizenship should be stressed.
  • Redesigning the Text-Book Material- It is natural tendency on the part of the students that they follow the text-book material to the letter. Text-books on important subjects, especially, History, Geography, Social Studies, Civics, and languages should lead the students to appreciate the historical, social, economic, cultural, religious and linguistic solidarity of the people of this land of scholars and poets, saints and seers, warriors and benevolent rulers, scientists and artists, leaders and peace lovers.
  • The Importance of Art, Literature and Music- The importance of the study of art, literature and music as a factor of development of national consciousness cannot be minimized. In the words of Pt. Nehru, “Art galleries and museums in a great city are like windows which look out on the broader, richer and deeper things of life.” Similarly, music is a great means of emotional binding. “Though philosophy East and West Bengal have been separated,” once remarked a layman, “the people of both sides will feel one, as belonging to one community till the day Rabindra Sangeet it sung in the streets of Bengal.” Literature is also important. Literature is the expression of a nation’s mind in writing. It can be safely used for the purpose of bringing about national unity and national integration, for widening national consciousness and removing negative prejudices.
  1. Role of Co-curriculum Activities-

    A number of co-curricular activities can be effectively organized in the school to promote national and international integration. Due emphasis should be put on the activities given below-

  • Schools should celebrate days of national importance like Independence Day, Republic day, Teachers Day, Martyr’s Day, Children’s day, and so on. This will create nationalistic feeling in young hearts.
  • Schools should celebrate birth anniversaries of the great men of his land. Young children will learn much from their lives to build a neat nation.
  • Celebrating festivals of different communities will bring different groups of people closer together.
  • Variety programmes and cultural life and folk ways of different communities shall throw light on cultural life of India.
  • C.C. camps, scout and girl-guide camps, national social service camps should be organized to cut access states and regions.
  1. Face to Face Contacts-

    Besides in school activities, a number of out of school activities may be organized for the purpose of promoting national integration. The face to face contacts as a result of these out of school activities can rapidly break the walls of narrow provincialism and narrow group loyalties. Face to face contacts may be developed through the following activities-

  • Educational Tours- With the change of place, we change our ideas, our opinions and feelings.
  • Cultural Exchanges- They develop appreciation of other’s ways of life, strengthen national and cultural bonds and promote national harmony.
  • Teachers and Students Exchange Programmes- Exchanges of teachers and students on the inter-province basis will bring about mutual understanding and will remove imaginary grievances, fears and suspicious in the mind of people, here and there. Mutual knowledge, understanding, respect, friendship and tolerance are they vary basis of our composite culture.
  1. Religion and Moral education- History stands testimony to the fact that more blood has been shed in the name of religion than anything else. But the fact remains that no religion teaches violence and hatred. Religious harmony is a must for national and emotional integration. Religious and moral education should support moral character, train emotions, inculcate tolerance, honesty and truthfulness and oneness of God.

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