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Barriers/ Obstacles in the way of National Integration in India

Barriers/ Obstacles in the way of National Integration in India

“The worth of a State is the worth of the individuals composing it.” But the individuals of India are so much lost in local and regional considerations that the national causes fall short before these insignificant considerations. The forces that operate against the national integrations of our country are the following:

  1. Casteism- It is another obstacle in the way of national integration. In ancient times Indian society was divided into number of castes, and sub- castes based on birth. The people of high castes develop a feeling of priority and the low caste a feeling of inferiority among themselves. As a result of these feelings, a kind of social civil war is raging all over the country. It becomes very difficult to develop a sense of oneness among the students. Results of elections are determined on the basis of caste; people cast their vote, not on the basis of any political party or the quality of the candidate, but on the basis of caste. Winners in the election do not look to national interests, but to the interest of their own caste.
  2. Regionalism– Another hurdle, which is operating in the path of national integration, is regionalism. The State Reorganization Commission divide the country into fourteen States, but now the number of States is gradually increasing. There develops a rivalry between different regions to have more benefits. Conflicts and rivalry take place between different States and also within the State. Political parties are formed on regional basis who look to the interests of their own region. They demand a total withdrawal of outsider from their States. These regional considerations go against national integration.
  3. Prejudice and Fanaticism- Failure in integration arises because of the decline of liberal mind and development of prejudice and among the people. They also lack tolerance and critical judgment. There are certain reasons for this development. Firstly, our people do not have sufficient knowledge about cultures, religions and ways of life of others and become suspicious of them, and hate them. Secondly there exists economic and social inequality. This goes against the development of a healthy community life. Thirdly, the intelligentsia of the country does not condemn the prejudices and fanaticism with courage. As a result of which, it becomes difficult to check these unhealthy attitudes.
  4. Language Issue- India is a land of many languages. This multiplicity of languages is an important source of cultural enrichment. But it is a matter of surprise that a good deal of linguistic conflict exists in our country. People have developed a tendency of unwillingness to grant to other languages the same right as they claim for their own. Since the advent of independence, no problems have attracted greater attention than the study of languages in schools. In fact, these have been a regular battle of languages. Therefore, it is high time for us not to develop a narrow outlook towards the language issue. Then only we can develop a national sentiment and integrate our nation under one banner.
  5. Narrow Politics- India is multi-party state; political parties have been formed on regional, communal and personal considerations. In order to achieve their own selfish ends, these parties create troubles everywhere in the country. They altogether forget the national interest, and work for their own interest. They use education as an instrument for the indoctrination of their own ideologies. They mislead the people through false propaganda.
  6. CommunalismIt is one of the important obstacles in the way of national integration. With the dawn of independence, the various communal, regional, linguistic and tribal groups and parties tried their best to snatch the fruit of independence to satisfy their own selfish desires. They failed to realize that if we use the benefit of freedom for personal or group interests ignoring the interest of the society as a whole, then the fruits of freedom would turn into fruits of wrath. As a result of which every now and then, we have communal riots taking place in different parts of our country. We hear slogans like “greater Andhra”, “Samyuukta Maharashtra” or “Punjabi Suba” which have a powerful disintegrating effect in the growth of Indian nationalism. Therefore, the greater task before us is how the people should be integrated into a national solidarity and how they are to be transformed into a fraternity “assuring the dignity and the unity of our nation.
  7. Economic Inequality- Economic inequality is one of the main causes of social tensions. At one end are those millions who suffer from poverty and of the other those who live a life of economic sufficiency. A hunger man can offer no contribution to the society. He will spread dissatisfaction and promote disintegration. Hence attempts should be made for the removal of economic disparities through intelligent planning in order to integrate our nation.
  8. Revivalist tendency in social and cultural matters- Now a tendency towards aggressive “revivalism” has developed among some people. They try to bring back revivalism in social and cultural matters. Thus there is a conflict between the traditional revivalists and the progressive, who want to modernize the Indian society. They attempt to create a culture and an age that is past and gone and what remains is nothing but an anti-social and anti- progressive attitude.
  9. Lack of Leadership- Leadership is a quality by which an individual can change the behavior of another individual. Good leaders deserve high praise and appreciation is they have qualities of organization and planning. They are an asset for a democratic country. Idea leaders always remain above petty politics and selfish interest. They lead the people towards progress and prosperity. Hence education should take the lead to produce ideal leaders.

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