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Aims of Education for National Integration | Suggestions

Aims of Education for National Integration | Suggestions

Important aims of education for National Integration

Education is a major means of bringing change in the thinking and behavior. It can play a very vital role in promoting national integration. It is through education the difficulties of regionalism, casteism, communalism and linguism can be overcome. The National Integration Committee laid out following important aims of education for national integration-

  1. Policies- The policies of education should be formulated on all India basis and arrangements for provision of compulsory primary education and adult education should be made throughout the country.
  2. Curriculum- Changes in schools curriculum should be made keeping in view the present condition and needs of the country. For this purpose following steps should be taken-
  • Emphasis should be laid on study of social subjects and humanities along with study of language and mathematics.
  • National songs, poems and stories should be given prominence place in the curriculum.
  • Through curriculum all children should be given knowledge about the important events and happenings of national movement for national independence.
  • In secondary education prominent place in the curriculum should be given to cultural and other programmes of national importance along with the study of language, literatures, social studies and spiritual education. National plays should be played in school campus.
  • At university level, arrangement for the study of various languages literatures, cultures, arts and social sciences should be made.
  1. Language and minorities– A definite policy should be formulated in case of language and special attention should be paid to minorities. For this purpose
  • Tri-lingual formula should be implemented.
  • Hindi should be made popular in non-Hindi regions.
  • At university level, the level of Hindi and English should be similar.
  • International numbers and measures should be used throughout India.
  1. Meditation in Text Books- Necessary modification should be made in text books and their subject matter is so organized as to encourage development of emotional integration
  2. Merit- The admission and award of scholarship in the schools should be on the basis of merit. There should be no discrimination on the basis of caste religion and community,
  3. Facilities- There should not be separate rooms or hostels for separate communities. There should be a common dress-code for the students for developing a sense of harmony. In the school and not a member of a particular community, religion and caste. The school work should commence with general assembly and prayers and the importance of national events of importance should be recited.
  4. Emotional Integration- The students should be taught and trained to have emotional feeling and respect for national flag, national anthem and national language. The national festivals such as 26th January, 156 August and 2nd October should be observed in school with faith, respect and enthusiasm. The debates and discussions on emotional integration should be organized in schools and these should be repeated at least twice or thrice every year.

Essentials and Suggestions for Development and National Integration

Following are the essentials and suggestions for development and national integration in our country-

  1. Change in the Aims of Education- Several aims of education have been theoretically accepted in our country but we notice that our education is mostly examination oriented and in it no attention is paid to health and hygiene of the children, their conduct and their feelings. It is therefore, essential that aims of education should be clear and explicit and the aim of development of emotional and national integration should be the prominent aim.
  2. Change in Curriculum of Education- The curriculum of education should be changed and the functions of social service and service of the nation should be made compulsory. It should include the observance of national festivals and other national celebrations. Three language formula should be implemented. Children should be taught about the cultural and social history of the nation. The curriculum must include subject matter concerning the geographic knowledge of various parts of the country and this subject matter must also present cultural view of various regions. In secondary education proper place should be given to spiritual and moral education. At university level the subject of comparative study of various languages, religions and cultures should be included in the curriculum
  3. Reform in Teaching Methods- The teaching methods are indirectly related to teacher’s behavior with the students. Therefore, the teaching methods are revised as teacher’s group and student’s groups should cooperate with each other. The teacher’s should adopt democratic behavior with the students and should help the students without any discrimination. They should provide equal opportunities to every student for development of his capacities and abilities.
  4. Reform in Books- Scrutiny of the books taught in schools should be made and necessary reforms in them should also be made. Items which spoil national outlook and preach anti-national things should be removed from their books. Things which help in developmental of national unity should be included. For this purpose contents will have to be chosen from various civilizations and cultures of the country.
  5. Equal Treatment- The difference and discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, community etc. should be immediately abolished. There should be impartiality in admission and promotions to the next class. The scholarship should be granted on the basis of merit.
  6. Celebration of Social, Religions and National FestivalsGenerally only national festivals are celebrated and there is holiday on social and religions festivals. Schools should celebrate days of national importance like Independence Day, Republic Day, teachers Day, Martyr’s Day. Children Day and so on. Schools should also celebrate birth anniversaries of great men of this land. Young children will learn much from their lives to build a great nation. Likewise the schools should also celebrate festivals of different communities. This will bring groups of people lose together. A liberal feeling for various religions will rise in the hearts of students.
  7. Reverence for Language of National Level and Development of National Language- In our country more than 15 languages have been accepted of national importance. The number of people who speaks these languages in large and they have their own literatures. The culture of India is secure in these literatures.

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