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Types of Organizational Culture

Types of Organizational Culture

Types of Organizational Culture

  1. Normative Culture-

    In such a culture, the norms and procedures of the organization are predefined and the rules and regulations are set as per the existing guidelines.

The employees behave in an ideal way and strictly adhere to the policies of the organization. No employee dares to break the rules and sticks to the already laid policies.

  1. Pragmatic Culture-

    In a pragmatic culture, more emphasis is placed on the clients and the external parties. Customer satisfaction is the main motive of the employees in a pragmatic culture.

Such organizations treat their clients as Gods and do not follow any set rules. Every employee strives hard to satisfy his clients to expect maximum business from their side.

  1. Academy Culture-

    Organizations following academy culture and hire skilled individuals.

The roles and responsibilities are delegated according to the background, educational qualification and work experience of the employees. Organizations following academy culture are very particular about training the existing employees.

They ensure that various training programs are being conducted at the workplace to hone the skills of the employees.

The management makes sincere efforts to upgrade the knowledge of the employees to improve their professional competence. The employees in an academy culture stick to the organization for a longer duration and also grow within it.

Educational institutions, universities, hospitals, etc. practice such type of culture.

  1. Baseball Team Culture-

    A baseball team culture considers the employees as the most treasured possession of the organization. The employees are the true assets of the organization who have a major role in its successful functioning.

In such a culture, the individuals always have an upper edge and they do not bother much about their organization. Advertising agencies, event management companies, financial institutions follow such a culture.

  1. Club Culture-

    Organizations following a club culture are very particular about the employees they recruit. The individuals are hired as per their specialization, educational qualification, and interests.

Each one does what he is the best. The high potential employees are promoted suitably and appraisals are a regular feature of such a culture.

  1. Fortress Culture-

    There are certain organizations where employees are not very sure about their career and longevity. Such organizations follow fortress culture.

The employees are terminated if the organization is not performing well. Individuals suffer the most when the organization is at a loss. Stockbroking industries follow such a culture.

  1. Tough Guy Culture-

    In a tough-guy culture, feedbacks are essential. The performance of the employees is reviewed from time to time and their work is thoroughly monitored.

Team managers are appointed to discuss queries with the team members and guide them whenever required. The employees are under constant watch in such a culture.

  1. Bet your Company Culture-

    Organizations that follow bet your company culture take decisions that involve a huge amount of risk and the consequences are also unforeseen.

The principles and policies of such an organization are formulated to address sensitive issues and it takes time to get the results.

  1. Process Culture-

    As the name suggests the employees in such a culture adhere to the processes and procedures of the organization.

Feedbacks and performance reviews do not matter much in such organizations. The employees abide by the rules and regulations and work according to the ideologies of the workplace. All government organizations follow such a culture.

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