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Medicinal Property found in Animals | Wandofknowledge

Medicinal Property found in Animals | Wandofknowledge

  1. Hirudin is secreted from leech which retards the coagulation of blood. It is employed as an anticoagulant, in surgical operations and has been recommended for prevention of phlebitis and post-operative pulmonary inflammations.
  2. Leech extract is reported to be effective in the treatment of asthma, acute rhino-pharyngitis and spasmodic coryza. This extract contains mucolytic enzyme.
  3. Honey is produced by honey bee is very nutritious and is being used as demulcent and laxative especially for children.
  4. Red ant’s eggs form a constituent of a medicine used for malaria by some tribals.
  5. Mulberry silkworm’s (Bombyx mori) is used as styptic, tonic and astringent. It is believed to check profuse menstruation, leucorrhoea and chronic diarrhoea.
  6. The Cochineal insect (Dactylopius coccus, Coccuscacti) possesses aphrodisiac, sedative and antiseptic properties and is used in neuralgia and whooping cough.
  7. The Stink Bug is used as aphrodisiac in China.
  8. Termite queen is believed to be powerful sexual tonic.
  9. Mylabris chicorii and other species are used as a substitute for cantharides. It acts as an internal stimulants and diuretic. It is used externally as counter-irritant and vesicant.
  10. Water beetles are reported to be anti-diuretic.
  11. The Sacred chank (Turbinella pyrum) is widely used in the indigenous system of medicine. After burning, the residual lime is used for dyspepsia, piles, general debility and some skin and lung diseases. The calxed shell (bhasma) of chank is used as demulcent and cardiac stimulant. The soft part of the chank are used for the treatment of enlarged spleen. Cowries such as money cowries (Cypraea moneta) are also used as medicine more or less in similar treatment like chank.
  12. Apple snail’s (Pila globosa) flesh is used for sore eyes in south India.
  13. Windowpane oyster (Placuna placenta) produces seed pearls which are used in the treatment of eye diseases.
  14. Edible oyster’s (Crassostrea madrasensis) flesh is used as demulcent.
  15. Sea-muscles are used in manufacture of vitamin products.
  16. The black-lipped pearl oyster (Pinctada margaritifera) produces ‘Moti’, which is used in the form of ‘Bhasma’.
  17. Cuttle fish bones of Sepia (Samudra phena or Samudrajhag) are used as antacid, astringent and sedative.
  18. Shark and cod liver oils are used in manufacture of a number medicines.
  19. Cobra venom is an important constituent of a number of medicines in Ayurveda. With fresh juice of sugarcane it is given in the treatment of ascites. It is said to be a bowel irritant, has a purgative action and is used as hepatic stimulant in small doses cobra venom is used in neuritis, neuroleprosy, spinal tuberculosis, migraine, intracetable pain due to cancer, arthritis, epilepsy and haemorrhage of retina, uterus and other types of internal bleeding. The dilute solution of cobra venom (Cobroxin) are reported to cure certain types of cancer. This medicinal property is possessed by a non-toxic protein component of venom which destroys certain types of tumour cell in vivo and in vitro. This observation has given up new directions for research on the surface membranes in biological systems. Another protein isolated from cobra venom helps the nerve fibres in growing faster. Cobra cardiotoxin has been found to have beneficial effect in branchial asthma, pain caused by injury to nerves, neuralgia, rheumatism, hypertonic diseases, arthritis and sciatica.
  20. Viper venom: Because of the preponderance of the coagulating principle it is being used as haemostatic agent in haemophilia and in haemorrhages due to dental or any other surgery. A non toxic protein isolated from Russell’s ‘viper venom (stypven) has been successfully employed in anti-coagulant therapy.
  21. Flesh of peacock has high medicinal value. Peacock flesh in clarified butter considered effective in the restoration of virility and also in curing various diseases. Cock flesh along with flesh of other animals and certain ayurvedic preparations cures asthma and hiccups.
  22. The meat of sparrow, cuckoo and peacock is used as a remedy in a number of mental diseases. The cuckoo’s meat is most useful in treating epilepsy, fainting, hysteria, insanity, forgetfulness, loss of consciousness and senselessness resulting from the excessive Cuckoo’s meat is also being used to restore energy, strength, vitality and increases intelligence and semen production.
  23. The bile of peacock and its preparations, purify blood and also used as an antidote to poison.
  24. The meat of pigeon is used in treatment of the persons suffering from paralysis.
  25. The flesh of common crow-pheasant, East Pakistan crow-pheasant, southern crow-pheasant and Andaman crow-pheasant is considered as panacea for consumption, asthma and other pulmonary diseases.
  26. Flesh and bones of Indian horn owl and Andaman born owl are highly curative for paralysis, gout and rheumatism.
  27. Flesh of Rufous necked hornbill and Great Pied Horn bill is used as rejuvenant.
  28. Grey hornbill has high medicinal value. The internal administration of a broth prepared with the entire bird (feather included) and bathing the patients with its decoction prepared to cure post child birth pains in women.
  29. Bones of hornbill are also reported to be of great medicinal value.
  30. Oils extracted from birds are of great medicinal value. The oil of pelican fat is highly useful in rheumatism and similar ailments. Peacock fat oil is very much useful in treatment of gout, rheumatism and arthritis. The oils obtained from Great Pied Horn bill and Rufous Horn bill also cure gout and rheumatism.
  31. Peacock feathers are wrapped around the septic wounds to cure them. The smoke of feathers is considered as antidote to snake bite. Ocellated feathers are used for ophthalmic diseases.
  32. Civet is an odorous secretion obtained from Civet cat (Viverra, Moschothera and Viverricula) belonging to Carnivora. When civet is applied externally it removes localized pain and itching sensation. It is useful medicine in scabies, pimples and other skin infections. When applied internally it is useful in insanity, mental retardation, fainting and convulsions. Civet is also used in asthma, cough, colic pain and some other respiratory troubles. It is applied in cardiac weakness and removes palpitation of heart.
  33. Insulin is manufactured from the pancreas of cow and pig obtained from slaughter house.
  34. Heparin is used as anticoagulant and prepared from the liver of animals. Now-a-days it is prepared from the bovine lungs. It is very frequently used for cases of coronary thrombosis.
  35. Fel bovinum (ox bile) is used as ‘cholagogue’ for stimulating flow of bile.
  36. The digestive ferments are obtained from the animal sources as pepsin from the stomach extract.
  37. In the preparation of B-complex the liver of animal is used.
  38. The sex glands like testicular extract and ovarian preparations are used for treatment against hormonal deficiency, in human body.
  39. Aphrodisiacs are prepared by a lot of animal products. Even the horn of rare animal ‘rhinoceros’ is used for the preparation of aphrodisiacs.
  40. The capsules are made of gelatin which is obtained by boiling the horns, hoofs, skin, tendons and bones of animals. Now-a-days capsules are used by all the pharmaceutical industries.
  41. For the preparation of anti-rabies vaccine, the brain of sheep is used.
  42. The antivenin and other types of sera are manufactured with the help of snake venom which is obtained from the tamed snakes. The snake venom is further processed on horses in graduated and increasing doses.
  43. Musk is obtained from the musk deer. It is used for the preparation of medicines in Ayurvedic system.

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