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Factors that influence Personality

Factors Influencing Personality

Factors Influencing Personality

In the field of organizational behavior, personality is the aggregate of a person’s feelings, thinking, behaviors and responses to different situations and people.

Our personality differentiates us from other people, and understanding someone’s personality gives us clues about how that person is likely to act and feel in a variety of situations. In order to effectively manage organizational behavior, an understanding of different employees’ personalities is helpful.

Having this knowledge is also useful for placing people in jobs and organizations. Having a strong personality is the key to success. This is also a key determinant of good leadership.

A person with a positive attitude can direct his thoughts, control his emotions and regulate his attitude. Every person has a different personality and there are a lot of factors which contribute to that personality. We call them the determinants of personality’ or the factors of personality’.

These are as follows-

  1. Environmental Factors

Among the factors that exert pressures on our personality formation are the culture in which we are raised; our early conditioning; the norms among our family, friends, and social groups; and other influences that we experience.

These environmental factors play a substantial role in shaping our personalities.

It establishes the attitudes, values, norms, and perceptions of an individual. Based on the cultures and traditions, different senses of right and wrong are formed in individuals.

These environmental factors also include the neighborhood a person lives in, his school, college, university, workplace, friends, parents; everybody plays a role as the determinants of one’s personality.

  1. Physical Factors

There are many physical factors which will determine a person’s personality. These physical factors include the overall physical structure of a person: his height, weight, color, sex, beauty, body language, etc.

Physical factors are one of the major reasons for that. Most of the physical structures change from time to time, and so does the personality. With exercises, cosmetics, surgeries etc. many physical features are changed, and therefore, the personality of the individual also evolves.

  1. Situational Factors

The situational factors can be commonly observed when a person behaves contrastingly and exhibits different traits and characteristics. In this way, situational factors impact a personality in a significant way.

They often bring out the traits of a person that are not commonly seen. An individual’s personality, although generally stable and consistent, does change in different situations.

The different demands of different situations call forth different aspects of one’s personality. So we shouldn’t look at personality patterns in isolation (canon, & Porter, 19&). This aspect is very important for organization behavior because the manager has control over the organizational situation.

  1. Hereditary

Heredity refers to those factors that were determined at conception. Physical structure, facial attractiveness, gender, temperament, muscle composition, and reflexes, energy level, and biological rhythms are characteristics that are generally considered to be either completely or substantially influenced by the parents.

Hereditary predisposes a certain mental, physical and emotional states. It has been established through research that those psychological characteristics can be transmitted through hereditary. However such conclusive proof is not available for human beings.

  1. Family and Social Factors

Family and social groups have the most significant impact on personality development. Parents and other family members have a strong influence on the personality development of the child. Parents have more effect on personality development as compared to other members of the family.

Besides a person’s home environment and family members, there are other influences arising from social factors like- friends, neighbour, relatives, etc. These groups have their impact through socialization and identification process.

  1. Identification Process

The identification process occurs when a person tries to identify himself with some person to whom he feels ideal in the family.

First identification can be viewed as the similarity of behavior between the child and the model.

Second identification can be looked in as the child motives or desires to be like the model.

Third, it can be viewed as the process through which the child actually takes on the attributes of the model:

  1. Cultural Factors

Culture is the underlying determinant of human decision making. It generally determines attitude towards independence, aggression competition, and cooperation. Each culture expects and trains its members to behave in a way that is acceptable to the group

  1. Intelligence

There is definitely some relationship between intelligence and personality. Intelligence is mainly hereditary. Persons who are very intelligent can make a better adjustment in home, school, and society than those persons who are less intelligent.

9. Psychological Factors

Psychological factors play a big role in the functioning of human behavior and the development of one’s personality. Some of the psychological factors are- motives, acquired interests, attitudes, character, intellectual capacities etc.

Beyond the joint influence of these factors however, the relative contribution of each factor to personality varies with the character or personality process involved and perhaps with the individual concerned.

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