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10 Tips to Control High Blood Pressure | Wandofknowledge

10 Tips to Control High Blood Pressure | Wandofknowledge

Tip 1 : Reduce intake of Salt

You need to reduce the amount of sodium intake in your diet. Recommended amount of salt in your diet daily should not be more than 1500 mg. You can try to reduce salt intake by avoiding salt intake in salads, avoid intake of papad, pickels, packed and processed foods as they contain high amount of salt that increases sodium level in our body.

Tip 2 : Daily Aerobic exercise

You should daily perform aerobic exercise for about 45 minutes. It may include fast walking, cycling, running, jogging, swimming, dance. You should maintain regularity in exercise, that is exercise atleast 5 days in a week. Performing exercise irregularly would not provide much benefit.

Tip 3 : Healthy Balanced Diet

Your diet should contain more of fruits and vegetables. Also include salad in your diet.
  • Use whole grains.
  • Avoid using refined flour (maida), white rice, processed and packed food, junk foods.
  • Increase intake of potassium (present in orange, coconut water etc.), as it will reduce the level of sodium in the body.
  • Eat fruits and salads before having meals.
  • Reduce amount of fat intake in your diet- avoid fried foods.
  • Drink skimmed milk instead of full fat milk.
  • Reduce intake of Red-meat, chicken; instead take fishes (Salmon, Tuna) in your diet.
  • Eat egg whites. Avoid yellow part i.e. egg yolk of the egg.

Tip 4 : Reduce Extra Weight

If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is more than 25, that means you are over-weight and if your BMI is more than 30, that means you are obese. You should try to reduce extra weight through exercise and by taking balanced diet. Reducing 1 Kg of weight would reduce 1mm Hg of Blood Pressure.

Tip 5 : Reduce Stress

First of all, identify the source from where you are getting stress. Then try to sort out those problems and try to stay positive. Involve yourself in some other activities like gardening, singing, playing with kids etc. this would make your mood fresh and help in reducing stress.

Tip 6 : Avoid Smoking & Drinking Alcohol

Tobacco present in cigarette contains nicotine which damages our blood vessels from inside and constricts them. It also damages our heart which could lead to high blood pressure problem. Alcohol also causes damage to liver and also increases blood pressure. So you should avoid drinking alcohol or atleast reduce its frequency of intake. If you’re taking alcohol daily, try to reduce it to once a week or once or twice a month.

Tip 7 : Avoid Caffeine

Avoid drinking too much coffee as it also increases blood pressure upto 10 mm Hg.

Tip 8 : Yoga and Exercise

Performing yoga on regular basis helps to control your blood pressure by maintaining your weight and reducing stress level.

Tip 9 : Regular monitoring of Blood Pressure

You should regularly monitor your blood pressure, because most of people doesn’t know that they are having blood pressure problem. That is why blood pressure problem is known as ‘Silent Killer’. Blood pressure problem if ignored can cause liver, kidney, heart problems due to which kidney failure, heart-attack and stroke can occur.

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