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List of Top 10 MNCs in India

Top 10 MNCs in India

Top 10 MNCs in India

Following are names of the most famous multinational companies, who have their headquarters of operational branches based in the nation:

  1. IBM:

    IBM India Private Limited, a part of IBM has been operating from this country since the year 1992. This global company is known for invention and integration of software, hardware as well as services, which assist forward thinking institutions, enterprises and people, who build a smart planet. With innovative technology and solutions, this company is making a constant progress in India. Present in more than 200 cities, this company is making constant progress in global markets to maintain its leading position.

  2. Microsoft:

    A subsidiary, named as Microsoft Corporation India Private Limited, of the U.S. (United States) based Microsoft Corporation, one of the software giants has got their headquarters in New Delhi.

Starting its operation in the country from 1990, this company has got the following business units:

  1. Microsoft Corporation India (Pvt.) Limited (Marketing Division)
  2. Microsoft Global Services India
  3. Microsoft Global Technical Support Centre
  4. Microsoft India Development Center
  5. Microsoft IT
  6. Microsoft Research India

Working in close association with all the stakeholders including the Government of India, the company is committed towards the development of the Indian software as well as I.T. (Information Technology) industry.

  1. Nokia Corporation :

    Nokia Corporation was started in the year 1865.

Being one of the leading mobile companies in India, their stylish product range includes the following:

  1. Normal mobile handsets
  2. Smartphones
  3. Touch screen phones
  4. Dual sim phones
  5. Business phone

Over the past few years, this company in India has been acquiring companies, which have got new and interesting competencies and technologies so as to enhance their ability of creating the mobile world. Besides new developments to fight against mineral conflicts, they are even to set up Bridge Centers in the country for supporting re-employment. Their first onsite for the installation of renewable power generation are already in place.

  1. Pepsi Co:

    Pepsi Co. Inc. entered the Indian market with the name of PepsiCo India from the year 1989. Within a short time span of 20 years, this company has emerged as one of the fast growing as well as largest beverage and food manufacturer. As per the annual report of the company in the last business year, the net revenue of PepsiCo grew by 33%.

By the year 2020, this food manufacturing company intends to triple their portfolio of enjoyable and wholesome offerings. The expansion of their Good-For-You portfolio is believed to be assisting the company in attaining the competitive advantage of the growing packaged nutrition market in the world, which is presently valued at $ 500 billion.

  1. Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited:

    Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in India, started their business in the country from the year 1961. The company made its public appearance in 1973 though. Headquartered in this nation, this international, research based, integrated pharmaceutical company is the producer of a huge range of affordable cum quality medicines that are trusted by both patients and healthcare professionals all over the world.

Successful development of business forms the key component of their trading strategy. Apart from overseas acquisitions, this company is making a continuous endeavor to enter the new global markets, which have got high potential. For this, they are offering value adding products as well.

  1. Reebok International Limited:

    This global brand is a famous name in the field of sports as well as lifestyle products. Reebok International Limited, a subsidiary of Adidas AG, is based in U.S.A. (United States of America) started its operation in 1890s. During the last financial year, Adidas’s currency neutralized group sales increase by 9%.

Apart from their alliance with Cross-Fit that is among the largest contemporary fitness movements, in the current year, Reebok’s announcement of its partnership with artist, designer and producer Swizz Beatz reflects its long term future growth.

  1. Sony:

    Sony India is a part of the renowned brand name Sony Corporation, which started their business operation in the year 1946 in Japan. Established in India in November 1994, this company has captured one of the leading positions in the field of consumer electronics goods. By the end of the business year 2010 on 31st March, 2011, the company showed a remarkable increase in the share related to numerous categories.

Sony India is planning to invest around INR. 150 crore for the marketing of the activities related to ATL and BTL. As far as Bravia TVs are concerned, they are looking forward to hold their market share of 30%. In between the last and the current financial year, the number of their outlets in the country increased by 1,000.

  1. Tata Consultancy Services:

    Commonly known as T.C.S., this multinational company is a famous name in the field of I.T. (Information Technology) services, Business Process Outsourcing (B.P.O.) as well as business solutions. This company is a subsidiary of the Tata Group. The first center for software research was established in the country in 1981 in the city of Pune. This renowned company is presently looking forward to the 10 big deals that they have received besides the Credit Union Australia’s contract as well as Government of Karnataka’s INR.94 crore deals for a total period of 6 years. In this current business year, they are about to employ 60,000 people to meet their business requirement.

  2. Vodafone:

    Vodafone Group Pic in an international telecommunication company, which has got its headquarter based in London in the United Kingdom (U.K.). Earlier known as Vodafone Essar and Hutchison Essar, Vodafone India is among the largest operators of mobile networking in the country. The parent company Hutchison started its business in the year 1992 along with the Max Group, which was its business partner in India. Much later in 2011, Vodafone Group Pic decided to buy out mobile operating business of Essar Group, its partner.

  3. Tata Motors Limited:

    The biggest automobile company in India, Tata Motors Limited, is among the leading commercial vehicles manufacturer in the country. They are one of the top 3 passenger vehicle manufacturers. Establishment in the year 1945, this company, a part of the famous Tata Group, has got its manufacturing units located in different parts of the nation.

Some of their well-known products of the company are categorized in the following heads:

  1. Commercial Vehicles
  2. Defence Security Vehicles
  3. Homeland Security Vehicles
  4. Passenger Vehicles

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