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Technical assistances provided by the government to Entrepreneurs

Technical assistances from government to Entrepreneurs

Technical Assistance from Government

The following institutions are formed by government to impart technical assistance to prospective entrepreneurs and executives.

Technical assistance is given in two ways:

  1. Technological Training and
  2. Management Training.
  1. Central Small Industries Development Organization-(CSIDO):

    One of the biggest ventures of spreading managements education in India has been taken by ‘Central Small Industries Organization’ under the Government of India. Ministry of Commerce and Industry. It was set up in 1955 to provide industrial extension service for the promotion and development of Small scale industries in the country. This was done through the Small Industries Service Institutes and Extension Centers. The extension service includes preparation of schemes for new industries, conducting economic investigations and surveys, common service facility etc. It is imparting training facilities for technical as well as managerial aspects to run the business unit on organized and efficient lines.

  2. Small Industry Extension Training Institutes- (SIETI):

    The Ministry of Commerce and Industry had set up the Small Industry Extension Training Centre in Hyderabad in 1962. It is designed to accelerate the growth of small industry through training, research and service activities directed towards improved development methods, better management thought about by a more efficient extension of modern knowledge.

  3. Educational Institutions :

    Various universities in India have introduced diploma and degree courses in Business and Industrial Management.

  4. Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) of India, Ahmedabad :

    It provides motivational and technical training to develop entrepreneurs.

  5. Management Development Institute-(MDI), New Delhi :

    It trains senior managers under a national management programme.

  6. National Productivity Council- (NPC):

    The N.P.C. was set up in 1958 under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. It is responsible for initiating, developing and coordinating activities of productively and conducting management training in India.

  7. National Institute of Industrial Engineering-(N.I.I.E.):

    With the assistance of the ILO, previously known as National Institute for Training and Engineering now called as the National Institute of Industrial Engineering was set up in Mumbai for conducting courses in industrial engineering. The institute trains about thousands of students every year. The institute has been established itself as one of the top business schools in India. It started off as Industrial Engineering Institute but now it also offers full time graduate programmes in both Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management.

  8. All India Council for Technical Education -(AICTR):

    The Ministry of Scientific Affairs and Cultural Relations has set up an All India Council for Technical Education with a view to co-ordinating programmes of technical education, lying down the standards, and syllabus for various diplomas and degree courses.

  9. Administrative Staff Colleges of India (ASCI):

    This institution based in Bella Vaista, Hyderabad has been providing course of study for the senior executives deputed by the and Central governments. The subjects covered in these courses include the professional requirements of the government executives, senior representatives of the industry.

  10. All India Institutes of Management :

    To provide facility for research education in management fine All India Institutes have been set up in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow and Indore by Central government. The following courses are offered:

  • Master’s diploma of management for arts, science and engineering graduates of full time duration.
  • Fellow programme for research degree for candidates having outstanding aptitude to work in universities, educational and research institutions.
  • Short term courses, seminars for practicing managers in the industry and trade.

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