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School Register- Need, Importance etc.

School Register

School registers

What is a School Register?

A register is an authoritative list of one kind of information. Register is to keep record of something officially. Register in schools are used to keep official students records by an academic institutions registrar.

School registers are mostly books, documents and files in which information of schools regarding academic and non-academic activities, important events are kept. It provides accurate statistical reports to the parents, society and government. It also helps to have proper control and coordination between HRD elements, infrastructure, facilities and budgets.

Need and Importance of Register

  • The purpose of register is to better organize record keeping and ensure there is an efficient system for keeping and passing on information.
  • It is a historical record and can be used for checking any information accurately at any instance of time.
  • They facilitate continuity in the administration of a school. It also provides information of ex-students.
  • They serve as data bank on which both school head and staff and students can draw on.

Kinds of School Registers

Different types of registers are used in schools to keep record which are maintained by school administrators and teachers:-

school register

  1. Log Book-

    It contains a complete record of the important events that occurs during the session. The headmaster is the only authority to make entries in the log book.

  2. Attendance Register-

    It contains daily record of students who are present in the school and of the absentees. It involves calculations like average daily attendance, short attendance etc. It is maintained by the class teacher of each class.

  3. Teacher’s Attendance Register-

    It records daily attendance of the teachers. School maintains the teachers’ attendance register. It shows the time of arrival and departure of teachers’ on each day. It is maintained by headmaster.

  4. Fee Register-

    It is used to keep details of payment when pupil pay fee and receipt issued to that effect.

  5. Examination Registers-

    After examination, the marks and progress of the pupil is entered in this register.

  6. Stock Register-

    This register keeps information of all the movable property of the school.

  7. Correspondence Register-

    All relevant letter received from parents as well as replies sent to them is recorded in this register. Orders, circulars and notices are also safely kept in correspondence register.

  8. Visitor’s Book-

    During the course of an academic year, a number of important visitors, inspection officers and guests pay visit to the school. Their opinions and suggestions all are recorded in this book.

  9. Cash Book-

    It keeps the record of all money transactions occurring from day to day in the schools.

Maintenance of Register

Maintenance of registers is very important as it carries various information. It forms core of any institutions. They provide deep insight into the state and status of the institution (school).

Maintenance of register is also important to keep track on the events going in school.

Registers can be maintained by following certain points mentioned below:

  • Cover of register should contain the name of the school, serial number of register, name of the register, date of opening and closing of register.
  • Pages of register should be numbered.
  • Registers should be kept neat and tidy.
  • Registers should be checked periodically.

Attendance Register

Attendance register is a tool to record the regularity of students, teachers, and employee on a day to day basis. Previously, the attendance registers were physically maintained on paper sheets or books. Slowly and gradually with the increase in the usage of computers, people started maintained records on the computers.

Basically two types of attendance registers are maintained in school:

  1. Employee Attendance Register-

    It is used to maintain record of the presence, absence or leave etc.

  2. Student Attendance Register-

    It is used to maintain record of presence, absence or leave of each student by class teacher.

Presence is marked with ‘P’, absence with ‘A’ and leave is marked with ‘L’. Absence and leave are generally marked with red pen.

Need and Importance of Attendance Register

  • Attendance registers are very useful in keeping record of presence and absence of students daily, and average attendance of student and teachers.
  • Attendance register also helps in maintaining record of names and data about each student in particular class.
  • It also contains details of student. It helps in maintaining record of daily attendance and helps in calculation of average attendance of each student of each academic year.
  • Many schools maintain web-based record of students attendance. Many school uses biometric attendance system but in schools it is mostly for employees. Attendance of students is still done manually in registers.

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