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Problems & Suggestions of Women Entrepreneurs

Problems of Women Entrepreneurs

Problems of Women Entrepreneurs

The main problems of women entrepreneurs are as follows:

  1. Lesser Risk-bearing Capacity:

    Women all throughout her life time has to lend a protected life dominated by the family members. In her childhood, she relied on her parents or elder family members. In her adulthood, she relied on her husband and in-laws and again in her old age, she depended on her husband and sons, i.e., at no time has she faced the risk of life all alone. Then how can she be an entrepreneur, when business is nothing but a risk-bearing enterprise ?

  2. Lack of Education:

    The overall literacy percentage among females is only 54.16 percent in India.

A women is discouraged to learn more than the male members of the family. Due to lack of education, she is unaware of technological knowledge, marketing knowledge etc. Moreover, whatever the bookish knowledge she gathers is not sufficient to meet the various problems in the business field.

  1. Lack of Motivation :

    Need for achievement, independence and autonomy are the basic ingredients required in a successful entrepreneur but these basic requirements are absent or found in negligible quantities in a women in India. She is held back by her own preconceived notions of her role in life. She sees herself only in the image of a perfect mother, wife and house maker. She is proud to bask in the glory of her husband, father, son, etc. This results in a conflict which inhibits achievement, independence and progress. Therefore when the very urge is absent, how can she be motivated to be an entrepreneur ?

  2. Family Involvement:

    In India, it is almost only a woman’s duty to look after the children and other members of the family. Man plays a secondary or an insignificant role. Her involvement in family problems leaves very little energy and time to come out of her shell and play a significant role in economic development.

  3. Male Dominated Society:

    Equal treatment to men and women is absent at the family level and social level. When a women steps into the middle management or top managements level, she has to face hostile reactions from her male colleagues, especially from those who are subordinates or at pay with her. The male superiority ego complex creates a barrier in the pathway of success. This situation is found sometimes even between a husband and wife and usually under such circumstances, a women feels pressurized by male domineering ego.

  4. Lack of Information and Experience :

    The lack of information and experience makes it very difficult for her to select technology, market, locations and also to tackle problems related to labour and finance. The Government realizing the need and importance of women entrepreneur’s participation in the contribution to the economy has offered some assistance, there by trying to create a favourable climate for women entrepreneurs to play a significant role in the rapid development of India.

  5. Problem of Finance :

    Finance is needed for all types of business may be big or small. Personal savings of gents can be applied to business whereas women’s personal savings are negligible.

As a result of the above factors, small women entrepreneurs are frequently in debt to middle-men or moneylenders in India, who provide raw material or credit at extremely high rates of interest. To relieve these women from the vicious circle of indebtedness, exploitation and social disabilities and promoting self-employment amongst women, the nationalized banks and other financial institutions provide them credit at concessional terms.

Suggestions to Solve Problems of Women Entrepreneur

Some of the important recommendations that were drawn at the AWAKE conference for the uplift of women entrepreneurs are as :

  1. There should be better support for voluntary agencies like AWAKE by the State Governments.
  2. More awareness programmes should be conducted joints by development agencies and voluntary agencies like AWARE.
  3. Simple technology demonstrations and training be made available at different parts of State by organizations like SISI and CFTRI.
  4. There should be a State Advisory Committee for development of entrepreneurship among women.
  5. Systematic enumeration of women entrepreneurs should be carried out and further registration of women entrepreneurs should have separate coding so that data can be generated without difficulty. Both Commercial Tax Department and the Industries Department should have such coding.
  6. The age limit of 45 for training in DEPs should be raised to 50 as many women start their enterprises late in their life at least at the point of time.
  7. The employment clause of 50 percent women should be removed from the definition of women entrepreneurs.
  8. There should be a better coordination between development agencies, voluntary agencies and financial institution in putting together entrepreneurship development programmes, many time the same area or citics have many programmes while others go without any. Instead organizations could work at complementary and supplementary levels. The present State Coordinating Committees should look at the project programmes of all agencies rather than only those proposed by TECSOK.
  9. Preference in Government purchases should be accorded to women entrepreneurs, especially items of downstream supplies.

The present trend does indicate qualitative and quantitative growth in terms of industrial production exports, investments, modernization and upgradation of technology, etc., but there is need also to give shape to the policy frameworks adopted till now.

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