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“Poverty as a Challenge” Lesson plan (Class-9th)

Poverty Lesson plan Class-9th

Name-     XYZ                                              Class– IX

Subject-Economics                                    Date- XX-XX-XXXX

Topic- “Poverty as a challenge”               Duration– 40 min


  1. To make students to understand some basic economic concepts and developing economic reasoning which the learners can apply in their day-to-day life as citizens, workers and consumers;
  2. To enable learners to realise their role in nation building and sensitize them to the economic issues that the nation is facing today.
  3. To equip learners with basic tools of economics and statistics to analyse economic issues. This is pertinent for even those who may not pursue this course beyond the higher secondary stage.
  4. To develop an understanding among students that there can be more than one view on any economic issue and to develop the skills to argue logically with reasoning


After the competition of the lesson, the learner shall be able:

Cognitive domain:
  • Remembering – To describe the challenges of the poverty.
  • Understanding– To explain conditions of poor people.

                                    –To illustrate the conditions of poor people

  • Applying – To develop the multidimensional problems related to the poverty.
Affective Domain:
  • Receiving:  Ask questions related to poverty
  • Responding:  Answer the questions-based on facts of poverty
  • Valuing:  Justify the reasons of being poor.
Psychomotor Domain:
  • to collect information about poverty facts and data of our country.


  • Question Answer Method, Discussion Method and Deductive and Inductive Method.


Jam board, white board, duster, marker, pointer, PowerPoint presentation

VALUE AND SKILL INTEGRATED: self-awareness, and critical thinking.


Students are aware about the resource and population.


Student Teacher Activity Student Responses
Student- teacher wish the student

Good morning students,

Student-teacher starts asking the question:

Students as you all are able to attend the online classes with the help of mobile phones or laptops because you all have the mobile phone or laptop.

So, if only one or two children have mobile phone or laptop. Then, will you all able to attend the online class. No,
Why students? Because we will have limited laptop like one or two but we all are twenty plus.
So, can you describe this term as resources? We have limited resources with heavy population.

Statement of Aim:

Alright students, today we will study “POVERTY AS A CHALLENGE”.


Teaching Point 1: Introduction (Poverty as a challenge)

As poverty is a liability of a country as it is biggest issue and under privilege section.

In fact, every fifth person in India is poor.

India has largest single concentration of the poor in the world.

If a person is poor, he does not get education or quality of education that results negative aspects like no access to sufficient food, proper clothing, medical facilities and a clean environment. The lack of these basic needs leads to poor health.

Teaching Point 2: The cases of poverty in the chapter

As there are two stories which represents the conditions of two family.

One story is about RAM SARAN related to urban case and other story is about LAKHA SINGH relate to rural case.

According to both the cases of poverty there are some issues related to poverty that are:

  • Unemployment
  • Size of families
  • Illiteracy
  • Poor health
  • Child labour
  • helplessness
  • Poverty means hunger and lacks of shelter.
Teaching Point 3: Poverty
  • Poverty also means lack of clean water and sanitation facilitates.
  • Poor people are in a situation in which they are ill-treated at almost every place
  • It also means lacks of a regular job at a minimum decent level.


Today we have studied Poverty as a challenge. In which we studied what is poverty and all the condition to being poor.

Now, lets check how much all learnt in this class.

Q1. Every……………person in India is poor.

Q2. What are the multi-dimensional problems of poverty?

Home Assignment:

Q1. What are the indicators of poverty?

Q2. How people are suffering under poverty and what are your observations.

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