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Summary of Arms and the Man (ACT- III)

Arms and the Man (Act- 3) Summary


The Act opens in the library of Major Petkoff’s house. All the five persons are there: Bluntschili is the only person really busy. He is writing orders to be signed by Sergius. Petkoff is doing nothing. Catherine is embroidering. Raina is day-dreaming.

Petkoff’s old coat

Bluntschli is writing the orders. Petkoff tells his wife that he is very uncomfortable in the coat he is wearing. He wants his old coat. Catherine says that it must be hanging in the blue closet where he had left it. Must be hanging in the blue closet where he had left it. But Petkoff had there and not found it. Nicola is sent to fetch it. They bet that it is there. Sergius joins the bet. Nicola brings the coat. Bluntschli has finished writing the orders. He tells Petkoff to see the fellow that would take the orders to the persons they are meant for. They should hand them in by time marked on them. Petkoff goes. Sergius is sent to help him. Petkoff takes Catherine too.

Raina and Bluntschli

When left alone together Raina chides Bluntschli for telling the story about her and her room. That friend of Bluntschli told it all to Petkoff and Sergius. But they don’t know that it was about Raina. If Sergius Knew he would kill him in a duel. She wants to be perfect with Sergius. She lied only twice about the ice pudding and to the officer who came searching for Bluntschli. He doesn’t believe it, but he says that he admires her. She is pleased and him what he thought of her for giving him her portrait. It was in the pocket of that coat. Bluntschli had pawned that coat to keep it safe, Raina is angry. Louka brings him letters.

News for Bluntschli

From the letters Bluntschli learns that his father is dead. He must start for home in an hour. He goes out to tell his father is dead. He must start for home in an hour. He goes out to tell his man about starting starting. Raina goes out. Nicola comes in Louka says that she would not marry him. Nicola tells her that it was he who made a lady of her from an ordinary Bulgarian girl Sergius marry her. He gives her some advice.

Louka and Sergius

Nicola goes away as Sergius comes in. Louka engages him in talk. She says that she has courage. If she were the Empress of Russia she would marry the man she loved. But he could not do it. He would only marry a rich man’s daughter. Sergius says that if he loved her he would marry her but he loves another woman. Louka is jealous of her. Says there is no need for her to be jealous Raina will marry the Swiss. Sergius declares his love for her and says that when he touches her in future he shall touch his affianced bride.

Sergius challenges Bluntschli

Bluntschli comes in. Louka leaves. Sergius challenges him for a duel. Bluntschli accepts it. He would not take the horse offered by Sergius because he doesn’t want to kill him. Raina comes in. Bluntschli explains the circumstances under which Raina allowed him to stay in her room. Raina finds out that Louka has told Sergius about Bluntschli. She now doubts Sergius. Sergius tells Raina that their romance is shattered and withdraws his challenge for a duel with Bluntschli because Bluntschli is not man; he is a machine.

Further discoveries; Louka engaged to Sergius

Bluntschli tries to make peace between Sergius and Raina. Says that Louka is engaged to Nicola. Raina and Sergius quarrel and seem to be almost pacified when Bluntschli asks where Louka is. She is found listening at the door. She says that she was eavesdropping because her love was at stake. Her love is stronger than Raina’s for her chocolate cream soldier. Just them Petkoff comes in .He says that somebody else had been wearing his coat. It has burst open at the sleeves. Catherine is mending it. Nicola enters with the coat. Raina helps Petkoff to put it on. She is behind him. She takes the photograph from the pocket and throws it on the table. Bluntschli covers it with a sheet of paper. Petkoff searches his pocket for the photograph which was a souvenir from Raina to her chocolate cram soldier. Bluntschli explains that he is the chocolate cream soldier. Now he says plainly that he is unmarried. Raina says that Sergius is making love to Louka. Nicola denies that Louka is engaged to him. Louka says that Sergius must apologize to her. He kisses her hand. Louka reminds him that the touch meant a betrothal. He agrees.

Raina engaged to Bluntschli

Catherine comes in. She blames Louka of telling stories. Louka that she told Sergius that Raina would never marry him if the Swiss gentleman came back. This opens Bluntschli’s eyes. He now speaks at length and tells all about himself. He came to return the coat. He is thirty- four while Raina is about seventeen only. His safety that day was only a school girl’s game to her. He shows the photograph to prove it. Raina says that she is twenty- three. One hearing Raina’s age Bluntschli proposes for Raina. Catherine doubts if he is rich enough to marry Raina. Bluntschli tells them all his position. He is found to be much better than Sergius in very way. Their marriage is agreed upon. Bluntschli departs for home to look after his affairs. He promises to return on a particular day and says to Sergius that he should not get married before he comes back.

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